Patio Propane Hybrid Heater

Reinvent your patio space and turn up your swagger!  Step up to a compact and efficient self-powered forced-air heater with a premium aesthetic that adds to your upscale patio lifestyle.  Stare at the flickering blue propane flame all night as waves of soothing hot air blow over you.  

Stop huddling around unattractive heaters!

Bring the heat with inspired design! The self-powered whisper-quiet fan blows up to 6 feet horizontally letting you sit back and relax. Let the elegant BlazOn be the heart and hearth of your outdoor living space.

Premium high-efficiency self-powered hybrid forced air propane heater and patio heater.

1| Close and Comfortable

The compact design and blue propane flame technology let you get close and cozy without the radiant burn. The whisper-quiet fan in our patio heater sends waves of soothing hot air to where you need it the most!

2| Toasty Toes

Have you ever sat near a large mushroom style radiant propane heater and the top of your head felt like it was burning but your feet were freezing? Safe to place on the ground, the BlazOn hybrid patio heater will heat your feet first then the hot air will continue to rise heating the rest of your body.

Premium self-powered hybrid forced air propane heater and patio heater for two.

3| Perfect Outdoor Table Companion

Step from the patio into the gazebo! Entertain friends in style and warmth. The premium self-powered forced-air BlazOn propane patio heater lets you sit back and relax while warm air blows over you and your guests!

4| Forced Air Comfort

Cozy made simple! The whisper quiet fan makes the BlazOn a self-powered hybrid forced air propane heater and distributes heat instantly and efficiently. Powerful enough to direct soothing blue propane heat up to 6 ft horizontally to where you need it the most. The brushless motor and innovative blade design make but a whisper of sound and will not disturb your outdoor patio vibe.

5| No Cords, Batteries, or Recharging Required

The integrated twin thermal generators makes the BlazOn a self-powered hybrid forced air propane heater. This innovation eliminates the need for external power to run the fan and USB charging port. Push in the pulse ignitor to lite the burner and our techology will begin to spin the fan automatically and syc the fan speed to the heat setting.

6| More Efficient Approach

Today, up to 50% of the heat produced by most patio heaters goes straight up into the atmosphere and is never felt.  That's a hug sustainability problem for the industry.  We overcome this challenge with soothing blue flame and a forced-air system that directs 100% of the heat produced to where you need it the most.  Our innovative designs make our heaters more eco-friendly heaters, and our customers better stewards of our planet's resources.