Stop huddling around large and inefficient patio heaters!

Bring the heat with inspired design and high-efficiency warmth to your patio and let our Blazon Ember hybrid heater be the heart and hearth of your outdoor living space.

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Upgrade Your Patio Experience!

Premium Aesthetic

Create unforgettable memories on your patio or next adventure!

  • Art Deco Inspired Design
  • Premium Materials & Build Quality
  • Stunning Blue Propane Flam

Powerful Directed Heat

With 18,000 BTUs, the BLAZON EMBER will keeps you and guests warm and comfortable. Whisper quit blower directs 100% of the heat up to 6 feet away so sit back and enjoy your company.

Easy Operations

Introducing a self-powered fan that helps converts heat into electricity. Say goodbye to cords, batteries, and recharging. Start it up effortlessly with the pulse ignitor and enjoy its lightweight design for easy repositioning.

Matching Stand / Tank Holder

The matching stand is made of the same material and design as the BLAZON EMBER. Put them together and the two look like one product.

The stand holds a 20lb or (2) 10lb propane tanks which gives you up to 100 hours of run time.