Create unforgettable memories with friends and family at home and on the go!

  • Level-Up Your Portable Heat Options

    The Blazon Ember combines inspired design, premium engineering and a brilliant blue flame to bring high-efficiency portable heat to your patio, or wherever you entertain outdoors. The next generation of portable heater adds comfort to your mobile lifestyle.  Proudly designed and manufactured in America!

  • Off-Grid Forced-Air Comfort

    Cozy made simple! The Blazon integrated generator powers the fan internally - No cords! No Batteries! No Charger required!

  • Safer By Design

    The Blazon Ember has no exposed flame or infra-red coils! Our internal Blue Flame is fully encased, greatly reducing any burn risk. Our fire-safety features include oxygen depletion and automatic shutoffs in case of flame-out, tip-overs or overheating.Our propane burner is encased and sits behind two panes of glass. You're never exposed to an open flame which greatly reduces burn and fire risk compared to infrared heater. We have all the standard safety features including oxygen depletion, tip-over, flame-out, and overheat shut off safety protection.