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Hear the founder make the case for the BlazOn EMBER Hybrid Heater!

About the company

Blazon Heaters was started in Seattle in February 2021, after 4 years of research and development of the Blazon Hybrid System.  As a 15-year executive with experience launching new products for Amazon, Dell, and Splunk, I saw a massive opportunity to drive style and higher levels of fuel efficiency into the outdoor heating industry with innovative disruptive technology. We received our first utility patent in August of 2021, followed by two design patents in December 2022 and May 2023.  

I partner with my brother Michael from Sweden to align with his passion for the environment and his 30 years of design and engineering expertice.  Together we partner with the Product Creation Studio in Seattle and leverage their 20 years of experience designing and producing high-end, quality consumer products.

Finally, we partner with NIC Global out of the Seattle area to manufacture our heaters. NIC has decades of experience manufacturing high-quality medical devices and we couldn't be happier to have them produce our heaters right here in America!

Reach out at hello@blazonheaters.com anytime with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and interest in our company and products.

Charles Jones, Inventor & Founder

Charles Jones, Inventor & Founder (Seattle)

15 years - Tech Executive, Amazon, AWS, Dell, Splunk

Expert in Sales, Business Development, Building Alliances, Operations, Revenue Strategy, Contract Negotiations, Supply Chain




Michael Salter Lead Engineer (Stockholm)

30 years - Design & Engineering

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering & Control Systems


Engineering Partner

World Class Engineering

We partner with PSC to leverage their 20+ years of experience developing products from early-stage technology verification to production.  With hundreds of development cycles under their belt, they offer Blazon Heaters a full range of product development services that help to quickly bring our heaters to market.

Joint Case Study

Manufacturing Partner

Manufacturing Excellence

On July 4th, 2023, we decided to move our manufacturing back to the United States and we couldn't be prouder. Seattle's own NIC Global manufacturer hospital and medical device. This requires the highest levels of manufacturing excellence and is exactly the quality we promise to deliver in our heater.

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