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Blazon Heaters

BlazOn EMBER (Pre-order)

BlazOn EMBER (Pre-order)

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BlazOn delivers 18K BTU's with the comfort and efficiency of forced air blue flame portable propane heat.  Innovative engineering uses heat to generate electricity to power an integrated blower and USB charging port.  Its design aesthetic makes it an attractive addition to any patio or wherever your journey takes you.


Level-Up Your Portable Heat Options!

1| Innovative Design

The BlazOn EMBER hybrid heater combines an inspired design, premium materials & build quality, and a brilliant blue flame to bring you a truly unique heating experience. One of the most innovative features is the self-powered design. Once lit, the fan requires no external power. Add warmth, style, and innovation at home, or wherever you're journey takes you.

2| Forced-Air Comfort

Cozy made simple! The powerful, whisper-quiet fan distributes heat more evenly. Unlike radiant heaters, the EMBER hybrid heater can be placed safely near other objects or on ground level to heat from your feet upward!

3| Off-grid Power Generation

Live free from the grid and produce electricity! The twin thermoelectric generators convert excess heat into electricity to power the fan and a 10W USB port for charging phones and accessories. Be prepared for winter power outages!

4| Safe By Design

Have the peace of mind knowing there are no exposed flames or infrared coils. Our internal blue propane flame is fully encased, greatly reducing burn risk. Our safety features include oxygen depletion and automatic shutoffs in case of flame-outs, tip-overs, or overheating.

5| Layered Efficiencies

Up to 50% of the heat produced by gas heaters on the market today goes straight up into the air, is never felt, and is wasted. We layer 5 technologies to produce the most efficient portable propane heater on the market.

  1. High-efficiency blue propane (99.9% clean burn)
  2. Directed forced-air up to 6FT (100% heat utilization)
  3. Off-grid power generation (Electricity producer vs consumer)
  4. Harvests excess heat to generate electricity (no additional fuel is required)
  5. Charge phones and power accessories anywhere (No cords, batteries, or recharging required)

Tech Specs



Heater Type Forced Air Propane
Burner Type Blue flame propane
BTU Rating 4K, 9K, 18K
Heating Area Up to 450 sqft
Fan Type 12" Cross Flow Fan/Blower 
Fan Control (1) Fan starts automatically after burner is lite.  (2) Speed adjusts automatically with heat setting. (3) Fan continues to spin up to 2 minutes after burner is turned off to quick cool heater. 
Fan Range Up to 6 feet
USB Port 10W
Integrated twin thermoelectric generator 15W
Generator Fuel Source Harvested heat build-up
Fuel Type Propane
Tank Capacity (2) 1lb tanks fit inside back compartment.  Can connect to larger external tanks with optional adapter.
Regulator (2) Low pressure with swivel capabilities 
Valve Settings (1)Off, Pilot, (2)4K BTU, (3)9K BTU, (4)18K BTU
Pilot Light Oxygen Depletion System (ODS) Enabled
Ignition Pulse ignitor, push and hold
Width 15"
Depth 12"
Height 12"
Weight Under 23 lbs.

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