Marine Propane Hybrid Heater

The worlds first 3-in-1 deck, cockpit, and cabin marine propane heater!  With its protected blue flame, low center of gravity, and self-powered fan, the BlazOn hybrid forced air marine propane heater is purpose built for yachts, powerboats, and sailboats.  Don't retreat into the cabin when the sun goes down. Keep the good times going on deck!

Keep all hands on deck!

Have you ever had an amazing day on your boat on the water but when the sun went down your guests got uncomfortably cold and retreated to the cabin or asked to head in? With its powerful heating capacity and wind-resistant design, the BlazOn marine propane heater is self-powered and forced air. It will keep you and your guests warm in the cabin, in the cockpit, or out on the deck!

1| Steady Underway!

The founder of BlazOn is an avid sailor so when it came time to build the next generation of marine propane heaters he made sure it would be seaworthy.

The base is wider than the top making it difficult to tip over. No slip rubber feet are placed at the bottom corners for maximum grip. Lastly, its low center of gravity combines to make the BlazOn self-powered forced air marine propane boat stable up to 35% tilt.

2| Wind Resistant

The BlazOn is designed to operate on the deck of your boat. The burner of our marine propane heater is encased in a heat stack that sits behind double insulated glass. This design both protects you and your guests from an open flame, but it also protects the propane flame from the wind.

3| Cabin Safe

As a high-efficiency self-powered forced air marine propane heater, the BlazOn is home in the cabin and has all the safety features you've come to expect.

  • Certified for indoor use by the CSA Group.
  • Oxygen Depletion System (ODS)
  • Tip-over shut-off
  • Flame out shut-off

It also has safety features not found in traditional portable infrared heaters.

  • No exposed flame hazard
  • Greatly reduced flame and burn risk compared to open-flame infrared heaters
  • Blue flame heats the air not nearby objects.

What's Magical About The BlazOn EMBER?

Strong Self-Powered Fan

The magic inside the BlazOn marine propane heater is its self-powered design. It generates electricity to power the fan and USB port. Once the propane burner is lit, the fan begins spinning and adjusts automatically with the user-controlled heat setting. No external power source is needed to deliver a cozy forced-air heating experience.