Tech Specs

Self-Powered Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater

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Excellent Build Quality

All aluminum & stainless steel and no plastic.

Clean Blue Propane Flame

  • 18K, 9K, 4K BTU heat settings
  • 450 sq/ft heating area
  • 99.9% clean burn
  • Indoor safe
  • Low Carbon Footprint

Forced-Air Heat

  • Brushless motor powered by an integrated generator
  • Innovative blade design
  • Instant heating
  • 6 FT horizontal heating range
  • 100% heat utilization
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Indoor Safe/Safety Features

  • Certified for indoor use by the CSA Group.
  • Oxygen Depletion System (ODS)
  • Tip-over shut-off
  • Flame out shut-off
  • No exposed flame hazard
  • Wind resistant
  • Wider at the bottom for stability
  • Low center of gravity
  • Rubber feet positioned at the extreme corners

Integrated Generator

  • Twin thermoelectric generators convert excess heat to 15W of DC electricity.
  • No additional propane is consumed
  • 15W of total, 5W for the fan, 10W for the USB
  • No cord, batteries, or recharging required
  • 100% off-grid
  • Solid state technology used by NASA
At the heart of the BlazOn is the integrated DC thermoelectric generators.  Our eco-friendly generators use waste heat to produce electricity so no additional fuel is required.  The powerful whisper quiet fan automatically begins blowing hot air once the burner is lit and fan speed adjusts automatically to the user-controlled heat setting. The higher the heat setting the faster the fan spins. Excess electricity is sent to a 10W USB charging port so your always connected and warm with a BlazOn!

Maximum Runtime

  • 5.4 hrs runtime on low per pound(16oz) of propane
  • 1lb propane tanks are filled with between 13oz and 15oz of propane
  • 100 hrs runtime on low with external 20lb propane tank

USB Charging Port

  • 10W USB charging is available when the heater is operating
  • The optional battery upgrade powers the USB when the heater is off

Made in America

The BLAZON EMBER is proudly designed and manufactured in Seattle, WA! We in the pacific northwest know a thing or two about cold weather!