What is a Hybrid Forced-Air Gas Heater?

A hybrid forced-air gas heater has an integrated generator that produces electricity from heat to power a fan. The generator in the BlazOn takes heat that would normally build up internally and converts it to electricity for run the powerful, whisper-quiet fan and USB port.

Forced-air Comfort & Efficiency

Up to 50% of the heat generated by infrared heaters goes straight up into the atmosphere and is wasted. The powerful whisper quiet fan directs 100% of the warm soothing heat to where you need it the most.

Off-Grid, Eco-Friendly USB Charging

The integrated generators in the BlazOn have power to spare! You never need to plug it in, charge it or use environmentally unfriendly batteries. Access the USB port to recharge your phone or to power a string of 5V led party lights!

Deep Dive into BlazOn Engineering

Powerful & Efficient Brushless Fan

Brushless motors and fan blade technology has gotten more powerful, efficient and quieter in the past 5 years. The fan (technically a blower) in the BlazOn heats up to 6 feet horizontally with barely a whisper.

"Seebeck" Thermal Generator

At the heart of the Blazon Hybrid System are twin thermoelectric generators or TEGs. Our TEGs work together to produce a remarkable phenomenon known as the “Seebeck Effect” (after german physicist Thomas Seebeck), which  successfully converts heat into electricity. Originally harnessed to serve the Apollo space program in 1975, TEG technology has evolved considerably over the last 40+ years.

Baltic German Physicist: 1770 – 1831

Thomas Johann Seebeck

In 1821, Thomas Seebeck discovered that electricity can be produced when two different types of metals are joined in a loop, and heated at one end while cooled on the other.

Today, this property, known as the Seebeck Effect, is used to power many NASA science missions that explore the most extreme environments in the solar system.