When the grid goes down, the BlazOn EMBER emergency heater is ready to keep you warm

How to be Prepared in any Event – Keep Calm and BlazOn (with the BlazOn EMBER Hybrid Propane Emergency Heater)


The BlazOn Ember weathers the storm providing heat and electricity in all conditions

Emergencies Met By Extraordinary Resourcefulness – We’ve got you covered

Extreme weather events, natural disasters, system wide blackouts, or even short-term localized power outages – any of these occurrences has the potential to severely disrupt everyday life.  Beyond the compulsion to buy as much toilet paper, milk, and duct tape as we can carry at the first mention of any of the above conditions, what first steps can help the most in the event of an emergency power outage?

There is no substitute for preparation!

The best responses by far to unknown emergent conditions are those we have already put into play by way of our preparedness.  In addition to being a valuable contributer to your everyday comfort The BlazOn Ember portable hybrid emergency heater is also an immediate asset in times of crises or power outages.  The 22-pound portable EMBER combines elegant design with functional brilliance, and makes a seamless transition from the patio to the living room on game night or in the middle of a once-in-a-decade snowstorm.

The BlazOn EMBER creates its own electritcity whilke it keeps you warm

How the Shohei Ohtani of space heaters manages to get it all done

The EMBER forced air propane emergency heater produces its own electricity by way of internal thermal electric generators, which transform excess heat, produced by the clean propane-fed blue flames, into electricity.  The self-generated electricity is used to power an onboard blower-fan which sends a solid cone of heat up to six feet into the room at a rate of 8 MPH.  AND there’s an external USB port, powered by the same generators, so you will always have an emergency off-grid charging station for your devices!

Once you’ve ordered and unboxed your EMBER, here are some other helpful steps to take before disaster strikes

Get prepared and stay ready – Make an emergency preparedness plan for your household.  Take the time to write a plan, share it with every household member, and review and revise the plan on a semi-regular basis.

Readiness kit – Have an emergency bag ready.  Think of it as a 3-5-day adventure kit with everything you’ll absolutely need in the event of power failure.  Less Rambo, more Swiss Family Robinson – don’t forget necessary medicines and pet supplies.

Physical Maps, cash and paper! – In the worst case scenarios, you may need to leave your home, so make sure that you have paper copies of all important documents, and that your emergency preparedness plans are on paper – this includes maps.  Evacuation routes need to be accessible even if the grid is out!  

Think Low Tech – Board games and cards for entertainment, camp stoves and coolers for food security and cooking, propane lanterns and candles for light – the further you can get off the grid, the better.  Once again, treat it like a stay-home camping adventure but be ready to take the show on the road

Indispensable items to have on hand in case of emergency

Glow in the dark playing cards – Enough said.

Unite To Light light – These solar powered reading lights are cool, and the organization behind the product provides illumination for people around the world who might otherwise live in darkness.

BlazOn EMBER – In the world of emergency preparedness, multi-functionalism is king, and of all the tools you can have on hand before the storms come, none will be more admired or better utilized than your BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane heater.  


Get ready – Keep calm – And let BlazOn bring the heat! 

The BlazOn EMBER's high efficiency blue flame heat sets a soothing tone in all conditions


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