The BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane tent heater is a Glamping essential!

How to Glamp like Hemingway with the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane tent heater (and BlazOn carrying case/cooler)

Getting cozy in the big tent just got sexier

Ernest Hemingway, the undeclared king of glamping might have hated that word, but the master of minimalism would have loved the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane heater.  And why not?  The svelte, aerodynamic body, with its sturdy base and racy deco fins, has the heart and muscle that appeal to big tent folks with an appetite for adventure.  And at 12” x 12” x 15” and weighing 22 pounds, the EMBER is a self-contained campsite marvel that can fit anywhere and still remain front and center. No wires, no batteries to recharge, no unsightly hoses or cords; this blast from the future even supplies its own energy!

The EMBER portable high efficiency tent heater uses twin thermo-dynamic couplings to generate its own electricity, including a a USB port

Science wins again 

The EMBER is fueled with clean burning propane which produces beautiful blue flame heat that is not only a joy to watch, it is resourceful to the tune of 99.9% efficiency.  And unlike standard infrared heaters or campfires which lose much of their heat to the atmosphere, that energy is 100% utilized. Twin thermo electric couplings inside the EMBER use excess heat produced by the blue flames to generate electricity, which is used to power an internal blower-fan.  The fan distributes the heat at eight miles per hour up to six feet away from the heater’s core, and covers up to ~450+ SF of area!   

Static heat versus dynamic heat

Our dynamic component in the BlazOn EMBER propane heater is the blower fan.  Standard infrared heaters, wood stoves, and fireplaces all produce static heat which emanates from their cores, but without any propulsion much of that heat simply rises straight up.  The portable EMBER tent heater’s hybrid technology sends heat out and away, low to the ground (at 8 MPH!), pushing a six-foot cone of heat to wherever you need it most – and it does so with self-supplied energy!  In fact, those same thermo-couplings produce enough electricity to also supply a convenient USB charging port for your handhelds or festive string lights!

Elevate your glamping game with these winning essentials

Although very dynamic himself, Hemingway was not necessarily into science, his pursuits were more primal in nature.  So what is required of the contemporary glamper, besides a desire to be surrounded by the great outdoors –  but not too closely?

The Tent

Skamania Lodge – A good glamping tent needs to be large and well situated – and ideally, well-appointed.  We recommend checking out Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, WA, for a premium glamping experience .  Their roomy tents (~450+SF – the  coverage range of the EMBER tent heater) in the Columbia River Gorge area offer miles of fresh air, king size beds, and spacious private baths with soaker tubs.  Who knows, there might be some great dub locally too.


The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway – One of the greatest pleasures of a luxurious glamping tent experience is doing nothing – or extreme reading as I prefer to call it.  For this we recommend the obvious: a copy of Hemingway’s complete short stories, preferably worn, but any will do.  Other books which can be used as scene-setters or other tent props include any volumes on local flora or guides to fly-fishing. 

The portable EMBER glamping heater can be easily to the deck, patio, dock, pier or wherever you're glamping takes you!


Ambassador Wines – Hemingway was a known hunting enthusiast, but the only big game we endorse hunting down is excellent wine from our friends at Ambassador Wines of Woodinville, WA.  The author was also a fan of Rosé wines, so we specifically recommend Ambassador’s delicious Estate Rosé, which they freely pair with Creme brûlée – how can that be wrong?  And of course our BlazOn EMBER carrying bag doubles as a cooler to keep those wines well-chilled.

Travel Bag

Tom Bihn Travel Bags – To transport all your tentside essentials we recommend Tom Bihn travel bags of Seattle, WA.  These gorgeous bags with clever names and color schemes (we're especially fond of the Techonaut 30: color scheme: Coyote Ballistic/Northwest Sky 200 Halcyon) suggests to us that the founder has both read Hemingway, and considered a few lines of prose production himself.  All Tom Bihn bags are made in Seattle and the company boasts a carbon neutral operations ledger. 


BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid tent heater – It should come as no surprise that we also recommend the BlazOn EMBER premium propane tent heater for maximum comfort, inside and out.  Because our portable heater is a study in minimalist beauty which can be carried anywhere, set down and immediately engaged – just like a good read.  The blue flames are safely glassed-in, and the surface is safe to the touch while in use. Other safety features include an oxygen depletion shut-off (ODS), as well as automatic tip-over, flame-out, and overheat shut-offs.

Glamping 101: 

Just get there! Whether you’re glamped-out at the edge of the Serengeti, or pitching a tent in the backyard, we are committed to your comfort, but the single indispensable element is your action! So order your BlazOn Ember tent heater now, and get out there!




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