When The Lights Go Down -- BlazOn!

Commercial Propane Heaters: BlazOn is how to Raise the Roof (and the temperature) at your great outdoors!

BlazOn Hybrid Commercial Propane Heater  Brings the Sizzle to all your Outdoor Enterprises

Elegance - Beauty - Refinement 

We discuss these concepts all the time when we’re introducing folks to the BlazOn hybrid commercial propane heater, and we unreservedly pile it on.  Because we know these aren’t words generally applied to outdoor heaters – that’s why we’re in the business!  I’ve spent too many evenings out, alternatively sidling-up to and circling away from other commercial outdoor heaters, which are either too hot, too cold, or just too far away.

It’s time to ditch those 7-foot-tall infrared spaceships!

Our Commercial Hybrid Heater is a propane-fueled, portable heat source that resets the industry bar for performance and innovative design.  The sleek, aerodynamic case and high-efficiency blue-flame firebox deliver a gorgeous one-two punch to your clients and guests, whether they’re enjoying cityscapes from the rooftop, or sipping cocktails streetside on your outdoor patio.  And there are no cords, wires, or battery packs, to clutter-up the seating area either.

Premium Design meets Premium Efficiency

So where’s the power coming from? The BlazOn uses high-efficiency hybrid technology (propane + electricity) to internally generate all the energy it requires to churn out waves of uninterrupted heat for your clients. The essential component pushing the heat is a whisper-quiet fan propelled by noise-free, brushless motors.  The energy powering the fan is supplied by twin thermal electric generators (TEGs) which convert surplus heat produced by the blue flames directly into electricity.  

How much Power? We’re glad you asked

The forced air commercial heater uses clean propane to produce those beautiful blue flames, which burn at a remarkable 99.9% of efficiency and generate nearly twice the heat of standard fire pits and fireplaces.  Our powerful blower-fan projects that heat at 8 mph up to 6 feet away from the heater’s surface, and can heat up to 450 SF of area.  There are three convenient heat settings available: 4000 BTUs, 9000 BTUs, and 18000 BTUs; so you can dial it up or down as the weather dictates.

Joy is best served warm! 

The lively fire naturally presents the comfort and security of the ancient hearth, tableside.  No candle can compete with the elegance and raw beauty of the waves of blue flame dancing behind the double-pane safety glass.  There’s a convenient folding handle for ease of transport, and the surface of the heater’s housing remains safe to the touch while in use, so you can shift the EMBER around easily to accommodate new arrivals.  And at a manageable 12’ x 12” x 15” and trim 23 pounds, the EMBER can be easily carried back inside and secured to heat another day. 

But Wait!

We’ve also added a USB port powered by the same hybrid process, so your guests’ charging needs are served without tapping the grid.  Every bit of heat produced by the propane running the heater is put to work keeping your customers warm and connected. Beautifully produced, quiet, energy-efficient heat! All you need to do is transport the BlazOn tableside and fire it up.

Warm Local!

We proudly design and produced in Seattle, Washington, with our hometown collaborative partners at Product Creation Studio and NIC Global.  The pursuit of outdoor entertainment plays a huge role in our corner of the planet, and often those pursuits are accompanied by offshore breezes (check out our marine page for more water talk) – so we understand the value of quality, portable heaters. Now you can enjoy the same.  Add comfort, security, hearth, and warmth to your outdoor venues right now.  Open the patio and let BlazOn bring the heat!

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