Return to your Nomadic Roots with the right Van/RV heater!

Return to your Nomadic Roots with the right Van/RV heater!

Return to your Nomadic Roots with the Blazon Ember setting the tone for style and comfort!

Nothing exemplifies freedom more than traveling under your own power to destinations known only to yourself.  Since time immemorial humans have trekked the globe searching for greener pastures, better hunting grounds, warmer climes, or just more spectacular views.  Our methods of travel are myriad: we get there on foot or horseback; by boat; with our bicycles and motorbikes; in cars, campers, and RVs; even modified box trucks, school buses, and vans; but get there we do! How we get there is important, but how we’re living on those journeys is paramount.  Enter your new nomadic companion: The Blazon EMBER Hybrid Heater!


BlazOn portable heaterhave traveled the world utilizing many of those conveyances, and on my journeys I’ve slept in every manner of shelter: Himalayan yurts, Alpine refuges, primitive log cabins, stone kraals, simple A-frames, hand-raised teepees, and canvas tents among others.  Every single one of them had one thing in common: a centrally located heat source!  At just under 22 LBS and equipped with a convenient carrying handle and snappy case, The Blazon Ember is a dynamic Portable Heater you can take anywhere! Whether you’re traveling as far as the outer edge of your patio or driving your van through the Badlands of South Dakota, our Forced-Air Hybrid Heater is easy to deploy, and our Patented Design ensures optimum performance, stability, and comfort to the mobile nomad in all of us.  So carry one with you everywhere!  The Blazon Ember is safe to use in every shelter - including those on the move!


Charles Jones

CEO, BlazOn Heaters

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