What's a Hearth and why my cabin heater needs to be one!

What's a Hearth and why my cabin heater needs to be one!

This Is The Cabin Portable Heater For Getting Away (and Staying Warm)

The Portable EMBER Propane Heater is the Offgrid Hearth for your Cabin in the Woods

What’s in a Name?

There’s a dreamlike comfort in the sounding of some words – a hushed acknowledgement of promises bound in the stores of memories we’ve forged, like tracks laid down in fresh snow. We will travel a long, long way when we believe those promises will be kept. 


These words evoke the steady embrace of home – of comfort, security and warmth.  And at the end of every road a small version of home awaits the traveler – your temporary refuge – your cabin in the woods.  Weighing in at a breezy 23 pounds the EMBER portable heater and carrying case make even the remotest cabin an achievable destination with our high-efficiency heater in hand.  Safe, modern, and compelling, the EMBER is your hearth away from home.

Not Your Grandmother's Gas Heater

The compact, aerodynamic EMBER fits in anywhere, and takes the road less traveled on cruise control.  Once you find your cozy little corner of paradise, you can stake your claim to comfort immediately.  Our forced-air heater does not require electrical outlets, or unsightly hoses, cords and cables.  You won’t even need to find a match!  The EMBER’s blue flame technology comes on with the push of a knob and produces all the heat you’ll need to warm the area.  In fact, our hybrid heater generates so much heat there’s enough to power the internal fan that drives the heat across the room!  Leave your boots at the door, grab a seat and point your feet toward the EMBER’s flickering blue facade.  Welcome to your paradise.

Off Grid Safety and Emergency Preparedness

The EMBER is self sustaining, and the same integrated thermo electric generator which drives the fan also provides power to a USB port on the back side of the propane heater so you can plug in and charge your handhelds off grid. As long as the heater is on, you’ve got plenty of juice for earbuds, phones, pads or even a string of 5-volt party lights.  That means wherever and however you find yourself without electricity, in the middle of nowhere, or in your living room during a power outage, you have a sustained source of power for charging your phone.

Hearth To Hearth

Humans have trod the globe for millennia in search of food, shelter and safety – the urge to wander is stitched into the fabric of our souls.  The sense of relief which comes with our safe arrival at the end of the road is only rivaled by the comfort we create when we get there.  Some of those cabins are perched on the last ripple of land where the mountains meet the sea, and others are a short walk across a greenscaped quad – but every one of them embraces us like a well-worn sweater once we’ve crossed the threshold.  Once we’ve slipped into the quivers of our past and drawn those things most familiar to us back out into the hours, and let them rest with us by the hearth.

Just get there!  The EMBER will keep you warm.

Charles Jones


CEO, BlazOn Heaters

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