3-in-1 cabin, deck and cockpit boat heater!

3-in-1 cabin, deck and cockpit boat heater!

How to maximize your EMBER portable marine heater (on deck, in the cockpit, and in the cabin) -- BlazOn Deck!

The Blazon Hybrid Heater Brings The Heat Topside & Below

The BlazOn EMBER high-efficiency self-powered forced air boat heater was conceived of, designed, and produced in Seattle, Washington, a city blessed with a plethora of incredible natural marine environments.  I have spent countless evenings on many of these remarkable waterways, under sail, on dinner cruises, entertaining on the deck of my boat in the marina, or just puttering around the aquatic edges of the place we call Seatown!  On many of those jaunts, my guests and I were obliged to engage in several hatchway do-si-dos as we scrambled from topside to cabin trying to stay warm.  I looked everywhere for a safe, portable heater to keep everyone on board comfortable while we enjoyed our time on the water, but I never found anything that satisfactorily fulfilled what I felt were the basic requirements of a heat source: safety, stability, contemporary aesthetics, and performance. I saw an excellent opportunity to create a solution.

We are in the right part of the world to launch a marine hybrid heater!

Everyone in Seattle spends some time on the water, so when I first took my drawings to hometown-based Product Creation Studio (PCS), we found immediate common ground!  The result of our collaboration was a sleek, aerodynamic heater that captured the modern aesthetics I favored – featuring art deco-inspired fins and a sturdy base that wouldn’t skitter around a rolling deck.  (Read the joint case study!) We added a collapsible handle for ease of portage, and a snappy carrying case to protect the Blazon Ember in transit and while it’s stowed away aboard ship.  Once we ironed out the initial design we called on NIC Global, a Seattle-based manufacturer of high-end medical devices, and asked them to produce the prototype. We were blown away by the results, and keeping all these processes local was huge for us!

Successful marine heater trials!
The working design made a big impression on the people in our initial focus groups, and the much-anticipated prototype made a similar impact on the first bunch of my friends I had out on the boat.  The heat-powered twin-generators which drive the internal fan of the Blazon do not require any cords or batteries, so we were able to position the heater right in the middle of the cockpit. The resultant flow of heat spread outwards and upwards evenly, creating a cone of warm air we were all able to share. The clean blue flame produced by natural propane not only supplies plenty of heat for the generators, it also provides beautiful fireside flames, safely flickering behind the twin-pane glass façade. We’ve added a wireless USB port powered by the same source that runs the fan so you can charge up off-grid while you and your guests are under sail!
Shop for your Blazon Hybrid Heater today! You don’t need to own a boat to order one of our fuel-efficient forced-air hybrid heaters, but you will be warmly welcomed if you bring one the next time you're invited out on the water!
Charles Jones, Founder
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