Inventor’s Story

Inventor’s Story

A lifelong path towards inventing a high-efficiency, forced-air, patio heater,  portable heater and boat heater. 

We humans are a problem-solving species, and for as long as I can remember I have applied my meditative curiosities to determining how to improve the availability and function of utile things. Acting on those instinctive processes as a young man stoked the fires of inventorship in my developing mind, and I have dreamed of becoming an inventor ever since. 

The process of invention involves creating solutions to problems where existing options have fallen short of optimal performance. To this end, every inventor works towards change, but it is the entrepreneur who often puts those changes in motion and brings the resulting products into our lives. That is the sweet spot I set my sights on: how do we establish the link between invention and practical application, and then put that synergetic theory into motion?

My path to becoming an entrepreneurial inventor took me through undergraduate studies, law school, and an MBA program, followed by a career in the corporate world building global technology alliances and launching new products for Dell, Splunk, and Amazon among others. After 15 years in the corporate crucible of innovation and technology, I finally stepped away to focus on becoming the inventor I dreamed about. 

The Blazon Ember was conceived while entertaining guests one chilly evening in March of 2019 on the patio of my Seattle condo. Why couldn't we find an efficient way to keep the few of us warm without having to deploy a wall of 1500-watt space heaters in front of each one of us? I saw an excellent opportunity to reset the paradigm and introduce the world to a high-efficiency, technologically advanced hybrid heater concept with a modern, inspired design. 

Four years after that day on the patio we launched Blazon Heaters in Seattle on the strength of our patented Blazon Hybrid System Technology. I enlisted my brother Michael as a dual threat team member: a mechanical engineer with 30 years of experience who has lived in the highly innovative but heat-challenged nation of Sweden for many years. We received our first utility patent in August of 2022, followed by two design patents issued in December of 2022, and May of 2023. We partnered up with Seattle-based Product Creation Studio and started developing a hybrid heater prototype with an integrated generator and forced air efficiency that will upend the portable heater market! We then found NIC Global, a Seattle area manufacturer of high-end medical devices who agreed to take our project on, and we were off and running. We are especially thrilled to be able to make this all happen right here at home.

Plato is credited with saying that necessity is the mother of invention. My mother was among those chilly guests on the patio that day when a simple challenge sparked an idea and drove me to action. Thank you to all of our sources of inspiration and to each of those kernels of innovation that they inspire.

Come in out of the cold and join us on the higher ground of high-efficiency, portable heater technology, where forced-air efficiency and contemporary design reimagine outdoor heating comfort!   

Reach out at anytime with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and interest in our company and products!

Charles Jones, Inventor & Founder

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