How The (high-efficiency) BlazOn EMBER Portable Patio Heater Excels From Backyard to Backcountry

How The (high-efficiency) BlazOn EMBER Portable Patio Heater Excels From Backyard to Backcountry

The beautiful blue flames of the BlazOn EMBER high-efficiency portable hybrid propane heater

Blog Post Outline

    1. Introduction
      • Brief overview of the BlazOn EMBER and its target audience
      • Introduction to the theme of mobility and outdoor lifestyle
    2. The BlazOn EMBER Your Portable Comfort Solution
      • Forced-air heating benefits over radiant heating
      • Personal anecdote or vivid description of using the EMBER in an outdoor setting
    3. Embrace Blue Flame Technology
      • Explanation of blue flame technology and its advantages in tight spaces
      • Safety features of the BlazOn EMBER
    4. Off-Grid Adventures Made Easy
    5. Safety and Sustainability: The BlazOn EMBER’s Core
      • Comprehensive safety features
      • Environmental sustainability and efficiency
    6. Reflecting on a Life of Mobility
      • Personal reflections on the benefits of a mobile lifestyle
      • How the BlazOn EMBER enhances these experiences


Spirited adventurers seek experiences that connect them with the natural world while maintaining modern comforts. The BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane heater is a game-changer for those who live life on the move. From living room to porch to backyard and beyond, you'll enjoy quiet comfort wherever you go. Let's explore how this innovative heater enhances your home, outdoor and mobile lifestyle.

The BlazOn EMBER: Your Portable Comfort Solution

A man looks out over a valley, into his futureForced-Air Comfort:
  • Unlike infrared heaters the portable BlazOn EMBER forced air hybrid heater provides consistent, even warmth through its powerful whisper-quiet fan. Forced-air heating eliminates cold spots, ensuring you stay cozy no matter where you are.
  • Personal Experience: Picture this: you're in your back yard, surrounded by nature. The sun sets, and the temperature drops. Instead of retreating indoors, you reach for your BlazOn EMBER. Within moments, it bathes you in warm air, creating a welcome cone of comfort in the cool night.
Embrace Blue Flame Technology
  • When you're hot, you're hot: The BlazOn EMBER harnesses 2800+ degree blue flames secured behind 2 panes of safety glass to produce its heat. The glass provides a stunning frame for the flames and drastically reduces the fire and burn risk, making it perfect for confined areas like RVs, boat cabins, and tents.
  • Safety Features: Sturdily built and equipped with low oxygen, tip-over shut-off, and flame-out cut-off devices, the EMBER ensures your safety in mobile and static settings, from patio to yurt, to mobile van.
Off-Grid Adventures Made Easy
  • Thermo-Electric Generators: The BlazOn Hybrid System leverages the Seebeck Effect to convert excess blue flame heat into electricity, powering the fan and optional USB port without external power sources.
  • Off-Grid Independence: Charge your phone in the middle of nowhere with the heat from the EMBER, ensuring you stay connected even off the grid, whether you are in your front room or your cabin in the woods.
Safety and Sustainability: The BlazOn EMBER’s Core
  • Comprehensive Safety: The EMBER's safety features make it reliable in any environment, whether you're on uneven ground in the backcountry or in a cozy corner of your beach house.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Its high-efficiency design means you use less propane while getting more heat, reducing your carbon footprint. The optional USB port and battery add-on eliminate the need for disposable batteries, making it a greener choice.
Reflecting on a Life of Mobility
  • Personal Reflection: As you sit on your deck with the BlazOn EMBER humming alongside, you may reflect on the freedom that mobility brings. The ability to explore new horizons without sacrificing comfort is a luxury. The EMBER embodies this spirit of adventure, adapting to your needs wherever your journeys take you.
  • Enhancing Experiences: Whether you're spending a quiet evening on your patio, embarking on a cross-country RV trip, or finding solace in a remote cabin, the BlazOn EMBER keeps you warm and comfortable, enhancing every moment.


There's no place like home, but with the BlazOn EMBER high-efficiency hybrid heater, you can always have a piece of home comfort with you. It's not just a heater—it's a gateway to new adventures. The versatility, efficiency, and safety of the BlazOn EMBER make it an indispensable part of any homeowner's and outdoor enthusiast’s gear. Embrace the mobility and freedom it offers, and let the EMBER keep you warm wherever you are. SUMMER SALE ORDERS HERE!

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