How the BlazOn EMBER's an All Seasons Portable (Hybrid) Heater

How the BlazOn EMBER's an All Seasons Portable (Hybrid) Heater

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  • Engagement on uses and the challenges of staying warm in various settings.
  • Brief introduction: Discuss the importance of having a reliable and stylish heating solution.

Main Content Sections

  • The Perfect Heater for All Seasons
    • Discussion of the heater’s dimensions (15" x 12" x 12") and weight (22 lbs).
    • Highlighting the portability with the collapsible handle.
  • Stylish and Effective Heating
    • Describes the sleek design and captivating blue flame.
    • Explains the quiet operation due to Blue Flame technology.
  • Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness
  • Safe and Versatile
    • Discuss safety features such as oxygen depletion sensors and automatic shut-offs.
    • Highlight stability features like the wide base and rubber feet.
  • Universal Applications
    • List various uses: homes, rooftops, RVs, boats, and Airbnb properties.
    • Provide examples and benefits for each application.


  • Summary of key points.
  • The importance of having a versatile and efficient heater.
  • Call to action: Encourage readers to visit the website and purchase the BlazOn EMBER.

How the BlazOn EMBER is an All Seasons Portable Hybrid Heater


For outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners alike, finding the perfect portable heating solution that is both efficient and stylish has been a challenge. Enter the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater – a must have in the world of portable comfort. With its high-efficiency propane heat, Blue Flame technology, and off-grid capabilities, the BlazOn EMBER is the ultimate companion for all seasons.

The Perfect Heater for All Seasons

Whether it's a chilly autumn evening on the patio or a cool summer night by the lake, the BlazOn EMBER has got you covered. Its dimensions of 15" x 12" x 12" and weight of just 22 lbs make it incredibly portable. The collapsible handle ensures that you can easily take it anywhere – from your living room to your deck, and even on the road in your RV or boat.

Stylish and Effective Heating

  • Sleek & modern deco-inspired body
  • Lightweight & efficient chassis
  • Beautiful & effective blue flames

The BlazOn EMBER isn't just functional; it's also a stylish addition to any space. Its sleek design and captivating blue flame create a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for any gathering. The Blue Flame technology ensures that the heater operates quietly, so you can enjoy the warmth without the noise.

Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

The BlazOn EMBER uses high-efficiency propane, which provides a nearly 100% clean burn, making it an environmentally friendly choice. The integrated DC thermoelectric generators convert waste heat into electricity, powering the heater's fan and USB port. This eliminates the need for cords, batteries, or recharging, making it perfect for off-grid living.

Safe and Versatile

  • Safe to touch during operation
  • No external cords, hoses, cables or wires  
  • Safe for indoor & outdoor use 

Safety is a top priority with the BlazOn EMBER. It includes oxygen depletion sensors and automatic shut-offs for flame-outs, tip-overs, and overheating. The wide base and low center of gravity, along with rubber feet, ensure that it remains stable even in small spaces or mobile environments.

Universal Applications

The versatility of the BlazOn EMBER is unmatched. It’s perfect for:

  • Homes and Apartments: Reliable heat for living rooms, bedrooms, and basements.
  • Rooftops and Patios: Keeps outdoor gatherings warm and comfortable.
  • RVs and Cabins: Ensures warmth during travels or stays in remote locations.
  • Boats and Yurts: Provides dependable heat in unconventional living spaces.
  • Airbnb Properties: Enhances guest experience with cozy, efficient heating.


The BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater is more than just a heater; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Its combination of efficiency, eco-friendliness, and stylish design makes it a must-have for any homeowner, vacation home owner, or outdoor enthusiast. Embrace the warmth and versatility of the BlazOn EMBER, and transform your space into a cozy haven all year round.

Experience the warmth and efficiency of the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater today. Visit our website to learn more and purchase your own BlazOn EMBER!

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