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Enjoying High Adventure in you RV, Camper or Van (Seeking Altitude in the Summer Months, and Staying Cozy when you find it)

For those of us who embrace the mobile lifestyle, whether in an RV, a van, or a skoolie, seeking out cooler altitudes during the summer months is a ritual. From the rugged mountains to serene lakesides and breezy oceansides, the quest for the perfect spot often leads us to places where the temperatures can drop significantly once the sun sets. The BlazOn Ember mis a welcome tool for those who crave comfort and warmth no matter where their adventures take them.

The BlazOn Ember’s portability is one of its major bonuses. Lightweight ( just under 23 lbs) and easy to set up, it’s perfect for life on the road. After a long day of hiking and exploring, the evening chill can threaten to cut your fireside gathering short. Thankfully, with a quick push of a button, the BlazOn Ember will be up and running, its powerful blue flame casting a warm, inviting glow that keeps the evening going and becomes the center of the party.

Forced-air comfort and efficiency are other key benefits of the BlazOn Ember. Unlike traditional heaters, which can create uneven pockets of warmth, the BlazOn Ember uses those blue flames to power a whisper quiet fan which distributes the heat evenly, ensuring a cozy environment both inside your vehicle and outside at the campsite. It’s this consistent, self-generated warmth that sets it apart from other portable heaters. Thermoelectric generators power the fan and create enough excess energy to power a USB port, making it a valuable asset during remote adventures. Whether you need to charge your phone, run a small device, or fire-up a string of party lights, the USB port is a handy feature that enhances the heater’s versatility.

BlazOn EMBER tech specs and safety features

Safety is paramount when dealing with portable heating solutions, and the BlazOn Ember’s blue flame technology ensures a safe, clean burn. This is particularly important in the confined spaces of an RV or van, where safety cannot be compromised. With safety certifications and features designed to prevent accidents, you can rest easy knowing that the BlazOn Ember is both reliable and secure.

One of the most innovative aspects of the BlazOn Ember is its off-grid power capabilities. Equipped with thermoelectric generators, it powers the fan and a USB port, making it a valuable asset during remote adventures. Whether you need to charge your phone or run a small device, the USB port is a handy feature that enhances the heater’s versatility.

In areas where traditional campfires are not allowed, the BlazOn Ember shines as a portable fireside feature. Its design mimics the ambiance of a campfire, providing both warmth and a focal point for gathering. I remember one particularly cold evening at a lakeside campsite where campfires were prohibited. The BlazOn Ember not only kept us warm but also added a touch of coziness and charm to our setup.

The BlazOn Ember portable hybrid propane heater is the perfect companion for those who live and breathe the mobile lifestyle. Its portability, safety, and efficiency make it an essential piece of equipment for any RV, van, or skoolie owner. As we continue to explore the cooler climates in the summer, the BlazOn Ember ensures that no matter how high we seek altitude or how remote our location, we can always stay cozy and comfortable.

These campsites offer a refreshing retreat from the summer heat, combining cool climates with stunning natural beauty, making them perfect destinations for RV, camper, skoolie, and Van Life enthusiasts.

1. Glacier National Park, Montana

  • Campground: Apgar Campground
  • Highlights: Stunning mountain views, cool alpine temperatures, and access to numerous hiking trails.

2. Yosemite National Park, California

  • Campground: North Pines Campground
  • Highlights: Proximity to Yosemite Valley, cooler high-elevation temperatures, and breathtaking granite cliffs.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

  • Campground: Moraine Park Campground
  • Highlights: Cool mountain climate, scenic views, and abundant wildlife.

4. Olympic National Park, Washington

  • Campground: Heart O' the Hills Campground
  • Highlights: Dense forests, cool temperatures, and access to Hurricane Ridge.

5. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

  • Campground: Cougar Rock Campground
  • Highlights: Cooler mountain temperatures, stunning views of Mount Rainier, and access to hiking trails.

6. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee/NC

  • Campground: Elkmont Campground
  • Highlights: Cool, misty weather, lush forests, and historical sites.

7. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

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  • Campground: Mazama Village Campground
  • Highlights: Cooler high-elevation climate, views of Crater Lake, and nearby hiking trails.

8. Acadia National Park, Maine

  • Campground: Blackwoods Campground
  • Highlights: Cool coastal climate, ocean views, and proximity to Bar Harbor.

9. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming/Montana/Idaho

  • Campground: Madison Campground
  • Highlights: Cool alpine weather, geothermal features, and abundant wildlife.

10. Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

  • Campground: Tunnel Mountain Village Campground
  • Highlights: Cool mountain temperatures, spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, and access to Banff townsite.



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