The Blazon EMBER portable hybrid marine heater gives you the freedom to roam on your boat!

5 ways the new BlazOn hybrid marine propane heater improves your time on the water – (and at the marina)

Conditions on the water can change in a hurry whenever you’re underway, so it’s always a good idea to bring extra clothing and foul weather gear – and to get familiar with warm spots on the boat.  I’ve snuck many a grateful moment between sets in engine rooms or resting with my back to the exhaust stack while working on boats in Alaska over the years.  You take the heat when and where you can!  That’s why I am so happy to have a Blazon hybrid marine propane heater on board these days – the heat actually does go wherever I go.

This is the portable hybrid forced air marine propane heater for all your adventures on the water!

The BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid marine heater keeps your yacht guests warm when the sun's going down!

Lightweight and transportable  –  The BlazOn forced-air hybrid marine propane heater weighs in at a trim 23 pounds and has an easy-grip, collapsible handle that folds down when not in use.   At 15” x 12” x 12”, this handy heater travels well and stows easily.  We also offer a chic carrying case (which doubles as a cooler) for ease of transport and protection.

Self-contained and self-sustained energy – Unlike traditional space heaters that rely on  externally supplied AC or DC power, the BlazOn has twin thermal electric generators which transform excess blue flame heat into the electricity which powers its internal fan.  Our heater holds two, 1 lb cylinders of clean burning propane at a time so you always have a back-up.  AND there is a USB port powered by the same generators which provides a steady source of off-grid charging power for your onboard devices!

Sturdiness – In a marine environment everything needs to be lashed down, stowed away, or firmly secured, otherwise it’s potentially on the deck or headed over the side – you never know when the wind or the weather might be going sideways.  The BlazOn’s aerodynamic, deco inspired profile has a low center of gravity and the solid, cast aluminum base features non-slip, silicone foot pads that readily stick to marine surfaces.

It's always safe sailing with the BlazOn EMBER forced air marine heater on your boat deck!

Safety – The BlazOn hybrid marine propane heater’s blue flames safely flicker behind a dual-paned glass window, which greatly reduces any burn risk potential, and the case is safe to the touch while the heater is running.  There’s a built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) as well as tip-over, overheat and flame-out emergency shut-offs.  And our propane heater is safe to use in enclosed spaces!

Ship Shape – It has an easy push-start ignition that’s fired by an internal AA battery.  Once it’s lit-up via your touch, the heater needs no more external power; there are no cables, cords, or hoses to clutter-up the area, so the EMBER is always ship-shape.

Portability is Availability

When it comes to space heating, you’d like that warm space to be where you want to be, not where you have to be.  The BlazOn's patented hybrid system runs off clean propane and heats up to 450 square feet of area at 4K, 9K, and 18K BTU settings – and it’s portable.  Whether you're on deck, in the cockpit, or down below in the cabin, your heat goes where you go.

TopsideSome of the very same offshore breezes that cool you down on the boardwalk can be a lot brisker out on the water, or by the water for that matter.  So whether you're sitting on deck enjoying a glass of refreshment or tracing the flights of pelicans slipping over distant waves, have your BlazOn nearby to pitch the perfect tone of warmth for you and your companions.  The gorgeous blue flames add a dimension to every sunset and star-filled night, while also powering the internal fan that pushes heat up to six feet away from the core – and the whisper quiet fan will not intrude on the scene.  Silicone foot pads anchor the EMBER in place and the double-paned glass window keeps the blue flames protected from the wind and spray.

In the cockpit It takes a lot longer to heat a body of water than the landmass it borders, so even on warmer days in spring and early summer you will experience cooler temps on the water.  Waves of warmer air rising off the land continually wash over and push down the colder air coming off the water, creating a constant inbound breeze as the two pressures fight to change places. 

The captain needs to be in the cockpit driving the boat whatever the temperatures are outside, and the captain’s guests are often sitting alongside so they can feel the spray of water on their faces too.  The BlazOn's compact size and high-efficiency production make it an ideal warmer for the area where the business of navigation takes place.  Its 15” x 12” x 12” dimensions don’t take up a lot of legroom, and the fan and special venting features keep the surfaces safe to the touch in confined areas. 

Enjoy the freedom of portable heat on deck with the BlazOn EMBER marine heater!

In the CabinNothing beats an evening of good food and drink while swapping tales with friends in a toasty cabin anchored out under a night sky.  Fire-up the EMBER forced air hybrid marine heater and set it on the galley table while you mix cocktails and rummage for board games. Once you’ve brought the cabin temperature up, you can set your portable propane heater on the floor and use the 3 BTU settings to dial in and maintain the perfect range of warmth for you and your company. 

The BlazOn EMBER forced air portable marine heater makes every sunset memorable!

DocksideSometimes the best views are right where you are!  Mix up some boatside ceviche or arrange a nice charcuterie board while you're tied-up at the marina.  Every brunch or evening soiree gets more intimate with the elegant BlazOn's blue flame magic to the vista.  Propane produced blue flames  burn at 99% efficiency levels, (that means less gas does more work), and those same flames do double duty in our hybrid heater by supplying the thermal generators with all the heat they need to drive the internal fan.  So make sure your tequila and mezcal game is on point, and leave the warmth and ambience to us!

Get your BlazOn high efficiency marine propane heater and all your accessories here, and we’ll see you on the water!

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