9 Ways the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater Adds Value to Your Luxury Glamping (Or Camping)  Venue

9 Ways the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater Adds Value to Your Luxury Glamping (Or Camping) Venue

Blog Post Outline


  • Portable heaters as premium assets for glamping rentals
  • Use in airstreams, safari tents, tiny houses, and houseboats
  • The elegance and beauty of the BlazOn EMBER makes it stand alone in the premium heater industry 
  • This luxury is transportable
  • The BlazOn EMBER is great inside and outside
  • Can be used where open fires are not an option

Key Elements:

  • BlazOn EMBER portable glamping heater safety features
  • Forced air comfort
  • Hybrid propane efficiency

Blog Post Description: In this blog post, we explore how the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater enhances luxury glamping venues. Targeted at glamping venue owners and hosts, and glampers of all kinds, we highlight eight specific ways this high-efficiency heater adds value, from its versatile usage in various accommodations like airstreams and safari tents to its portability and uses in various outdoor spaces. The high-efficiency BlazOn EMBER's advanced safety features, forced air comfort, and hybrid propane efficiency make it an indispensable asset for any luxury glamping setup.


Luxury glamping is all about providing a unique and comfortable experience that combines the beauty of nature with the amenities of high-end accommodations. One essential aspect of this experience is ensuring that guests stay warm and cozy, regardless of the weather. The BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater is a perfect solution that brings efficiency, safety, and comfort to any glamping venue. Here are eight ways the BlazOn EMBER adds value to your luxury glamping setup.

1. Peerless Elegance and Beauty

  • The BlazOn EMBER: Boasts a streamlined, contemporary design that elevates any luxury glamping setup or sophisticated outdoor environment. Its sleek, metallic finish and minimalist lines describe modern elegance.
  • Compact and Portable Form: Designed for both functionality and style, the BlazOn EMBER's compact form factor ensures it is easy to transport and position anywhere. Its portability doesn't compromise its visual appeal, making it a stylish addition to any space, whether indoors or outdoors, and BlazOn Heater's Summer Sale features our stylish carrying case which doubles as a soft cooler! 
  • Thoughtful Details and Finishes: Every aspect of the BlazOn EMBER is crafted with attention to detail, from its ergonomic handle and intuitive controls to the elegant ventilation grill. These thoughtful design elements not only enhance usability but also contribute to its overall aesthetic beauty, making it a centerpiece in any setting. 

2. Versatile Heating for All Types of Accommodations

Whether your glamping site features airstreams, safari tents, tiny houses, or houseboats, the BlazOn EMBER fits perfectly.

  • Airstreams and Tiny Houses: Compact and portable, the heater is ideal for small spaces.
  • Safari Tents: Provides efficient heating even in large, open tents.
  • Houseboats: Reliable heating solution for maritime climates. (Check out our Hybrid Marine Heater).

3. Enhanced Guest Comfort with Forced Air Heating

The BlazOn EMBER utilizes forced air technology to ensure even heat distribution, providing guests with unmatched comfort.

  • Even Heat Distribution: No more cold spots; every corner of the accommodation stays warm.
  • Immediate Warmth: Quickly heats up the space, making it perfect for sudden temperature drops.

4. Safe and Secure Heating Solution

Safety is a top priority for any glamping host, and the BlazOn EMBER delivers with multiple safety features.

  • Low Oxygen Sensor: Automatically shuts off the heater if oxygen levels drop.
  • Tip-Over Protection: Ensures the heater turns off if accidentally knocked over.
  • Flame-Out Protection: Shuts down the heater if the flame goes out.

5. Efficient Hybrid Propane Technology

The BlazOn EMBER combines the reliability of propane with innovative hybrid technology to maximize efficiency.

  • Propane Power: Reliable and readily available fuel source.
  • Hybrid System: Converts excess heat into electricity, powering the fan and optional USB port.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Uses fuel efficiently, reducing operational costs.

6. Suitable for Cooler Maritime Climates

Maritime climates are naturally cooler, even in summer, making reliable heating essential for guest comfort.

  • Northerly Locations and Higher Altitude Venues: Perfect year round for venues in cooler environments.
  • Extended Seasons: Enables glamping and camping sites to operate comfortably in cooler weather.

7. Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The BlazOn EMBER is versatile enough to be used both inside and outside, expanding its utility.

  • Indoor Comfort: Ideal for warming up tents, cabins, and tiny houses.
  • Outdoor Enjoyment: Keeps guests warm during outdoor activities and gatherings.
A couple enjoys the BlazOn EMBER on the porch of their rental cabin

8. Ideal for Fire-Restricted Areas

In areas where open fires are not allowed, the BlazOn EMBER provides a safe and effective alternative.

  • Fire Safety: Offers warmth without the risk associated with open flames. Has a host of safety features including: sturdy design anmd low center of gravity; no open flame; overheat, tipover and flameout shutoffs, oxygen depletion system (ODS).
  • Compliance: Meets regulations for fire-restricted zones.

9. Enhancing the Glamping Experience

Ultimately, the BlazOn EMBER enhances the overall glamping experience, ensuring guests leave with fond memories of their stay.

  • Guest Satisfaction: Warm, comfortable guests are happy guests who leave positive reviews.
  • Premium Offering: Adds a touch of luxury and modern convenience to the glamping experience.

Upgrading your Other Businesses

Businesses catering to guests or customers outdoors can elevate their offerings with the BlazOn EMBER. Here's how:

  • Airbnb Rentals: Enhance guest experiences with cozier outdoor spaces, the EMBER is perfect for year-round stays.
  • Restaurants: Extend outdoor dining seasons and create memorable experiences for diners with comfortable heating solutions.
  • Country Clubs: Provide luxurious comfort for members and guests during outdoor events and gatherings.
  • Event Planners: Elevate outdoor events with the BlazOn EMBER, providing comfortable and safe heating solutions for guests, or creating cozy atmospheres for weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings.
  • Mobile Businesses: From food trucks to mobile offices, stay warm and comfortable on the go with the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane glamping heater.
  • Conclusion

    Investing in the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater is a smart move for any luxury glamping venue. Its versatility, safety features, forced air comfort, and hybrid propane efficiency make it an invaluable addition that enhances guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Ensure your guests stay warm and enjoy their glamping experience to the fullest with the BlazOn EMBER. LEARN MORE HERE

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