View of the water from a tent on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State

Easing Into Nature, How Glamping Spotlights the Very Best of The Great Outdoors (and How the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater Brings Another Level of Comfort)

magine a cozy safari tent nestled among towering pines, a soft glow emanating from within as the sun dips below the horizon. This is glamping—where the rustic charm of camping meets the comfort of luxury. For the discerning glamper, the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater is not just an accessory, but a game-changer. Here are eight ways this innovative heater enhances the glamping experience.


Portability at Its Finest The BlazOn EMBER’s compact, lightweight design ensures it can travel wherever your glamping adventures take you. From remote mountain retreats to serene lakeside hideaways, this heater fits seamlessly into any setting, bringing warmth and comfort to even the most off-the-grid locations.


Effortless Setup With no cords, wires, or hoses to contend with, the BlazOn EMBER offers a hassle-free setup. Its push-button start means you can have instant heat with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your surroundings.


Whisper Quiet Operation The serene ambiance of nature should not be disrupted by the hum of a heater. The BlazOn EMBER operates whisper quietly, ensuring that the only sounds you hear are the rustling leaves and the crackling campfire.


Reliable Off-Grid Power Source Equipped with twin thermal electric generators, the BlazOn EMBER provides a reliable source of off-grid power. This feature is crucial during extended stays or unexpected power outages, keeping your devices charged and your lights on.


High-Efficiency Heating This heater’s high-efficiency propane use and forced-air system deliver consistent, even warmth. No more huddling close to the heater; the BlazOn EMBER ensures that every corner of your tent or RV is toasty.


Safety First The BlazOn EMBER is designed with multiple safety features, including tip-over protection and an automatic shut-off if oxygen levels drop too low. These features provide peace of mind, allowing you to relax and enjoy your glamping experience without worry.


Aesthetic Appeal With its sleek, modern design, the BlazOn EMBER adds a touch of elegance to any glamping setup. It complements the aesthetic of luxury tents and RVs, making it not just a functional item, but a stylish one too.


Perfect for Campsites The BlazOn EMBER isn’t just for glamping tents; it’s perfect for outdoor use as well. Whether you’re gathered around a picnic table or lounging by a campfire, this heater provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that enhances any campsite.


In conclusion, the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Heater is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their glamping experience. Its blend of portability, safety, efficiency, and style makes it an essential companion for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and luxury. Embrace the best of nature with the warmth and elegance of the BlazOn EMBER, and make every glamping trip a memorable one.

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