An RV on the open road with the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane RV heater

7 Must-Have Features of the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Propane Heater for Your RV (camper, skoolie, or camper van)

Premium high-efficiency self-powered hybrid forced air propane heater.   The portable heater is great for Vans and RVs.

7 Must-Have Features of the BlazOn EMBER Portable Hybrid Propane Heater for Your RV


Explore the exceptional features of the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane heater, designed to enhance your RV adventures. From its compact portability to high efficiency, this heater ensures cozy comfort on the road. Discover why it's the top choice for savvy RV owners.

Introduction: Embrace Comfort on the Open Road

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road in your RV, with the promise of new horizons and adventures. But whether you're parked in a tranquil forest or a bustling campground, one thing you don’t want to compromise on is comfort. Enter the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane heater – your new best friend for staying warm and cozy on the road. Here's seven must-have features that make the BlazOn EMBER the ultimate heating solution for RV enthusiasts.

Safe and Compact, the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane RV camper and skoolie heater is a traveling marvel

1. Compact Portability: Perfect Fit for Any RV

  • Space-Saving Design: Measuring just 12” x 12” x 15” and weighing a mere 22 lbs, the BlazOn EMBER is designed to fit seamlessly into your RV’s limited space.
  • Easy to Move: Its lightweight and compact form make it effortless to move from the cabin to the awning area, providing warmth wherever you need it.
  • Stylish Soft Cooler & Carrying Case: Safe storage on the bus and keeps your bevvies and snacks cool for 12 hours! ON SALE NOW

2. High-Efficiency Forced-Air Heating

  • Consistent Warmth: The BlazOn EMBER's powerful, whisper-quiet fan distributes warm air up to six feet away, ensuring your entire living space stays cozy.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Unlike traditional heaters that warm only specific spots, the EMBER’s forced-air system creates a consistent, comfortable environment throughout your RV.

3. Self-Generated Energy: The Seebeck Effect

  • Innovative Technology: Utilizing the Seebeck Effect, the Blazon Hybrid System (BHS) converts excess heat into electricity, powering the heater’s fan without external power sources or batteries.

4. Superior Safety Features

  • Low Oxygen Cut-Off: The heater automatically shuts off if oxygen levels drop too low, ensuring a safe environment.
  • Tip-Over and Flame-Out Cut-Off Devices: Prevent accidents by shutting off the heater if it gets knocked over or if the flame goes out unexpectedly.
  • 2-pane-glass insulated Blue Flame Chamber: Reduces the risk of fire and burns, making it safer than traditional infrared heaters.

5. Ideal for Tight Spaces

  • Heat Without Risk: The BlazOn EMBER’s blue flame heats the air, not objects, minimizing the risk to surrounding items and making it ideal for small spaces
  • Safe Indoor Use: Whether you’re heating your RV’s living area or the bedroom, the EMBER’s efficient design ensures safe, effective warmth.

6. Effortless Operation and Maintenance

  • No Cords or Batteries: The BlazOn EMBER operates without the hassle of cords or the need to replace batteries, thanks to its self-sustaining energy system.
  • Automatic Operation: The fan starts spinning automatically when the burner is lit, providing immediate warmth without any extra steps.

7. Stylish and Robust Design

  • Sleek Appearance: With its svelte, aerodynamic body and art deco fins, the EMBER isn’t just functional – it’s a stylish addition to your RV’s interior.
  • Sturdy Build: Designed to withstand the rigors of travel, the BlazOn EMBER is as durable as it is attractive, ensuring reliable performance on all your adventures.

Conclusion: The Ultimate RV Heating Solution

For RV owners who value comfort, efficiency, and safety, the BlazOn EMBER portable hybrid propane heater has no equal. Its blend of innovative technology, superior safety features, and stylish design make it the top choice for staying warm on the road, and at the campsite. Embrace the freedom of the open road with the BlazOn EMBER, and make every adventure a cozy one.


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